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Created @Room 504, Ibis Jinshajiang, Shanghai, China


released December 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Liquid Medicine D.F., Mexico

Mateo López


Arturo Blanco

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Track Name: Steam
Come into my town
now the sun's going down.

Gonna walk through the night.
Gonna see the light.
Track Name: Pagoda
Come to the mansion
(In another dimension)

I don't like you, but I like the way you dance
Track Name: Pompeii
My thoughts are going astray
I see you in your light and my whole world turns gray
Getting dimmer and dimmer
as you walk walk away
on the concrete walkway.

Snap out, cause you've been over this
the presence of her essence is what you really miss
Nonetheless I still remember the days
when i used to wake up and see your beautiful face

I don't know what to say
Baby come to Pompeii

I can still feel your gaze
piercing through the haze
happy days.

Cruisin' through life in a daze
nothing makes sense anymore
No longer existence I adore
gets right to my core

I remember your eyes
how they had me mesmerised
I still feel them slowly rise
through the cold, cold burning ice

I see the fire in the sky

Take me back
back to find your soul.
Track Name: Rebirth
I don't need anyone
Track Name: Feels So Well
I like this feeling it feels so well

I like your skin when it touches my skin.

I like it when you look, when you look so blue

Come come around and spend some time
spend some time with me.